SOFA Agency

Concerts 2017

Date Act Location Infos
02.12 DINNER - DK Captured Tracks Albani, Winterthur
05.12 WASHED OUT - US Sub Pop/Domino Records Salzhaus, Winterthur
06.12 NICK PORSCHE (solo) - CH Cheptel Records Bar3000, Zürich
07.12 CONDOR GRUPPE - BE Condor Men Records Kraftfeld, Winterthur

only swiss show

07.12 LYDIA LUNCH / RETROVIRUS - US Interbang Records Sedel, Luzern
07.12 GIÖBIA - IT Sulatron /H42 Records/Heavy Psych Sound/Fuzz Club Mokka, Thun
08.12 LIKE ELEPHANTS - AT Las Vegas Records/Noise Appeal Records Gare de Lion, Wil


09.12 JANKA NABAY & THE BUBU GANG - US Luaka Bop Sedel, Luzern

only swiss show

10.12 TRANSISTOR GIRL - CH Sophie Records Mokka, Thun

15.30 Family show
20.30 Evening show

15.12 JAY JAY JOHANSON - SE ART Moods, Zürich
16.12 WHO's PANDA - CH CULT. , Scuol

CULT. Opening Party

17.12 JAY JAY JOHANSON - SE ART PROGR - Turnhalle, Bern
20.12 TRANSISTOR GIRL - CH Sophie Records Folk Cafe, St. Gallen

New Album "Righteous Sinner"